Nucleus Research’s 16th Annual Tech ROI Awards Spotlight Industry’s Most Successful Technology Deployments

Jun 13, 2018

Results indicate a shift from monumental to incremental ROI and higher annual benefits

Nucleus Research announced the top 10 technology deployments for 2018, each a recipient of its annual Tech ROI Awards. Currently in its 16th year, the awards reveal a shift from monumental ROI results during the early cloud adoption phase toward steady, incremental ROI today.

While ROI has dropped to incremental gains, the annual benefit among this year’s winners has increased, nearly doubling the cumulative benefit the class of 2017 realized. To learn more about this trend, go to

“Achieving exceptional business results no longer comes as easily as the rip-and-replace with cloud service option from previous years. Companies are getting smarter about how to boost productivity with today’s solutions and these winners represent the most successful case studies from the past year,” said Ian Campbell, CEO at Nucleus Research.

This year’s Technology ROI Award winners are:

  • Emeraldcube Solutions for its implementation of GoodData with an ROI of 1,273%
  • ServiceChannel for its implementation of GoodData with an ROI of 1,218%
  • ICS+ for its implementation of Salesforce with an ROI of 942%
  • Rack Room for its implementation of Salesforce Marketing Cloud with an ROI of 777%
  • Aspect for its implementation of Salesforce Lightning with an ROI of 636%
  • uTest for its implementation of Mautic with an ROI of 585%
  • China PnR for its implementation of Vertica with an ROI of 422%
  • AmeriPride for its implementation of Vertica with an ROI of 419%
  • CALCAP Advisors for its implementation of Satuit Technologies with an ROI of 374%
  • M’oda Operandi for its implementation of MineralTree with an ROI of 366%

Nucleus Research analysts perform an independent ROI assessment calculating the actual business benefits and ROI achieved by the project. Each submission is reviewed and evaluated by the Nucleus Research analyst team and the winners are chosen strictly based on the ROI achieved.

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