2019 CRM Technology Value Matrix Highlights Actual Value in AI, Enhancing Usability

April 17, 2019

Nucleus Research identifies Bpm’online, Microsoft, Oracle, Salesforce and Veeva Systems as CRM leaders

Going beyond the marketing hype, customer relationship management (CRM) vendors are investing in making AI practical with prebuilt capabilities and data integration and synchronization investments. At the same time, Leaders in the CRM Technology Value Matrix highlight a renewed focus on usability, driving user interface innovations and embedded intelligence to boost productivity of individual users.

CRM Technology Value Matrix Leaders include: Bpm’online, Microsoft, Oracle, Salesforce and Veeva Systems.

“We’ve been talking about the 360-degree customer view for decades, but leading vendors are getting closer to delivering on that promise, linking data between and beyond sales, marketing, and service applications to provide the breadth and scale of data needed to make AI actually work,” said Rebecca Wettemann, VP of research at Nucleus Research.

Nucleus has identified four significant trends impacting vendors’ development investments and positioning in the Value Matrix including, genuine AI and machine learning capabilities, vertical and microvertical investments at the application level, next generation data platform initiatives to enable real-time dynamic customer profiling, and a renewed focus on the concept of targeted business solutions for customers.

“Adoption of CRM has always been a challenge, but advances in usability are making leading solutions productivity tools, not just records of transactions. Given the pace of innovation, with most vendors delivering new capabilities on an ongoing basis, we expect to see even more significant shifts in the Value Matrix moving forward,” said Dan Elman, analyst at Nucleus Research

The Nucleus CRM Value Matrix measures the ability of CRM vendors to deliver value in usability and functionality and are placed into four categories: Leaders, Experts, Facilitators, and Core Providers. Customers can use the Matrices to evaluate vendor short lists as well as to make the case for maintaining existing applications.

See the full report at: https://nucleusresearch.com/research/single/crm-technology-value-matrix-2019/

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