ROI Case Studies

An ROI case study is a thorough examination of the actual benefits a customer achieved from a technology deployment.

All case studies follow a consistent methodology designed to deliver an assessment of the direct and indirect benefits realized along with the financial results achieved. The studies accurately quantify ROI using the same financial rigor and approach taken by financial decision makers, ensuring credibility and giving the reader insight into the true value of the technology and the potential returns they may be able to achieve with their deployment.

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Prophix ROI case study: Mission Health Communities

September 28, 2021 - ROI Case Studies V153

Skillsoft ROI case study: CGI

September 1, 2021 - ROI Case Studies V142

Fivetran ROI case study: Oldcastle Infrastructure

August 27, 2021 - ROI Case Studies V137

John Galt ROI case study: American Red Cross

August 9, 2021 - ROI Case Studies V126

Sage Intacct ROI case study: The Answer Company

July 31, 2021 - ROI Case Studies V124

QAD ROI case study: Noble Biomaterials

July 23, 2021 - ROI Case Studies V118

Salesforce AppExchange ROI Case Study: Beyond Better Foods

July 13, 2021 - ROI Case Studies V117

Domo ROI case study: Business applications and services provider

June 22, 2021 - ROI Case Studies V104

Appdetex ROI case study: Halfbrick

June 18, 2021 - ROI Case Studies V103

Sage Intacct ROI case study: Avenu Insights

June 15, 2021 - ROI Case Studies V90

Salesforce ROI case study: Pearson Education

June 15, 2021 - ROI Case Studies V91

Cornerstone ROI Case Study – U.S. Xpress

June 9, 2021 - ROI Case Studies V94

Zoho One ROI Case Study – Rain for Rent

May 6, 2021 - ROI Case Studies V79

Adobe Experience Cloud ROI case study – Pitney Bowes

April 12, 2021 - ROI Case Studies V66 ROI case study: Global Data Collection Company

February 3, 2021 - ROI Case Studies V13

RingCentral ROI case study: Healthcare Claims Management

January 28, 2021 - ROI Case Studies U140

Checkmarx ROI case study: European Financial Services Institution

January 7, 2021 - ROI Case Studies U179

Prophix Cloud ROI case study: ALKU

December 10, 2020 - ROI Case Studies U209

Unit4 ROI Case Study: Keylane

December 10, 2020 - ROI Case Studies U134

SAP Ariba Network ROI case study: Complete Office Suppliers

November 30, 2020 - ROI Case Studies U194