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The Value Matrix provides a transparent tool to help businesses quickly assess their technology options in a friendly, visual format. We provide a straightforward analysis of tech solutions based on the functionality and usability they deliver. You can easily compare solutions and zero in on those that meet your unique business requirements.

It’s all about simplifying the tech decision based on the facts, not magic. Not market share, future promises and opinion. An accurate assessment of where each technology stands based on the factors you need to make the right decision – does it have the features we need and will our team be able to actually use it?


Leading businesses regularly use the Value Matrix to make better tech decisions. We have Value Matrices for the following tech areas:


Corporate Performance Management (CPM)
Inventory Optimization (IO)
Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
Workforce Management (WFM)
Human Capital Management (HCM)
Talent Management
Supply Chain
Control Tower


The whole point of investing in technology is to get beneficial features, tools and overall functionality that can help your business. With the Value Matrix, you quickly see how each vendor compares within the industry. The further to the right, the more functionality it delivers.


If you need advanced features, for example, then functionality becomes the key consideration. Easily compare your options among those offering the most functionality weighed against your usability needs.


What’s the point in having the best functionality if few people within the business can actually use it. In fact, we are seeing a big trend toward broader technology use as solutions are being leveraged by more departments and employees throughout the organization. That’s because there is great value in the data many apps contain. Analytics, CRM, ERP, for example all offer strong insight for the business. Plus, there is a general move for enterprise software in particular to integrate with other apps for new efficiencies. That’s driving the need for more people across the business to have access to apps that are easy to use.


The further to the left, the more usability a technology offers. Those solutions closest to the upper right-hand corner represent technology that is offer both high functionality and great usability.


In addition to the Value Matrix to assess technology solutions based on functionality and usability, it’s also useful to see how other businesses have leveraged technology. Nothing defines success better than Return On Investment (ROI). Nucleus Research has published more ROI Case Studies than any other analyst firm. These customer successes are filled with instructive best practices and lessons learned. Learn more about our ROI case studies and ROI tools:



Get to know the technology Leaders, Core Providers, Facilitators and Experts in each industry.


Enterprise Resource Planning

The enterprise resource planning (ERP) market continues to shift as cloud technology matures and vendors strive to deliver more industry-specific capabilities in their core products. Although some customers still do not see sufficient value in the cloud, vendors are seeing cloud adoption accelerate, with more companies moving critical business processes to the cloud, rather than just “edge” applications. To improve their value proposition, leading vendors are making their cloud offerings more accessible and giving customers the flexibility to which they are accustomed from their on-premises legacy systems.


s141 - ERP Technology Value Matrix 2018