Products & Services for Vendors

Nucleus provides a broad range of products and services to help technology vendors deliver a credible ROI message to customers and prospects.

There are many ways to get on the shortlist for a technology vendor, but proving your solution delivers the greatest value for that customer is the best way to succeed in a competitive market, Nucleus delivers accurate, independent ROI-focused research that withstands scrutiny at all levels — from a single prospect to a global advertising campaign.


We are serious about our ROI methodology. Nucleus is the only technology research firm to gain registration with the National Association of State Boards of Accountancy (NASBA accreditation number: 108024), ensuring all research will withstand even the most detailed financial review.


Our research stands alone to meet specific needs while also interlocking to support a natural decision flow from guidebooks that describe a product, to case studies and research notes that show specific value examples, through to ROI modeling tools that build the financial business case


All research presents a value message in a consistent and repeatable way following the exact format a financial decision maker would take. That means all calculations in one research type follows the same structure and process as all others, ensuring that as you assemble research to support a decision or marketing message, you see a consistent financial approach.

Advisory Service

Our advisory service provides unlimited analyst inquiry to answer technology questions, support direct sales, and help your team develop an online benefit tool. You’ll receive all ongoing research and can distribute that research internally to support your sales and marketing initiatives. The program includes flexible credits that can be used for custom ROI case studies and reprint rights to meet your changing needs throughout the year. With a clear focus on technology value, the service is designed to help your organization assemble and deliver a clear ROI message.
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ROI Case Studies

An ROI study quantifies the actual value a customer received and tells the story of how they selected, deployed, and adopted a solution. Sales teams consistently point to ROI case studies as the most effective sales tool they use. Using a case study, potential customers can understand how they can achieve value and are armed with quantifiable research that supports their internal business case.
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ROI Guidebooks

The ROI guidebook is an in-depth assessment of a technology solution designed to provide a concise value analysis and road map for justifying a solution. Building on assessments of actual deployments, the report provides everything a prospect needs to develop a business case including average ROI and payback estimates along with a list of typical benefits and costs and expected value ranges for both.
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ROI Research Notes

Nucleus analysts are recognized experts in their field and deliver ongoing topical value-focused research on a weekly basis. From analyzing trends in the industry to assessing the road map of a particular solution, our research follows a bottom-line, pragmatic approach that allows us to separate short-term hype from long term value.

ROI Tools

Our ROI tools are concise, focused, and designed to be easy to deploy and use by sales and support teams. Nucleus has delivered hundreds of ROI tools to credibly generate an ROI business case during the sales process. Nucleus is the only firm registered with the National Association of State Boards of Accountancy, allowing your sales team to focus on presenting your solution, not defending the calculations.

Sales Training

High performance sales teams know customers buy solutions that deliver benefits. Understanding how a product delivers value and how to help the customer build the business case is as important as understanding a list of new features. Nucleus analysts are regular speakers at annual sales training events, teaching the ROI skills that can help teams close business.

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