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Available through the Bloomberg Terminal to more than 350,000 decision-makers worldwide, Nucleus delivers in-depth research on the technology market built on actual customer interviews, not opinions.

Investors need accurate information to make the best short and long-term investment decisions. Our value-focused research identifies the winners and separates the companies that only claim to deliver value from the ones that actually do. The unique Nucleus research stream is available now to all users of the Bloomberg Terminal and integrated into the existing Bloomberg research capabilities. On your terminal, search NUC/1 for a list of all available research.


We are serious about our ROI research. Nucleus is the only technology research firm to gain registration with the National Association of State Boards of Accountancy (NASBA accreditation number: 108024), ensuring all research is consistent and accurate.


Our ongoing research delivers deep insight into the real world results of technology deployments, highlighting the companies offering new opportunities or new companies that might become potential threats.


Our analysts talk with customers every day and are best positioned to know the current state of an organization and the future trend. Our Value Matrix reports summarize the state of the market and our view of the future.

Tech Advisory & Inquiry

For Alpha Capture focused investors, our investigative approach supports our equity customers with direct access to the entire analyst team for strategic insight and technical analysis. Less enamored with the technology, our analysts cut through the marketing hype to assess the value of a company’s solution, the applicability to a market, the needs of the end user, and the potential threats to success, both immediate and long term.

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