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Whether you're making an initial selection or justifying a renewal, we help you build the ROI business case.

Nucleus delivers research built on ROI case studies of actual deployments, not analyst opinions. We know the real return technology delivers and help decision-makers as they select the best solution and build the ROI business case that justifies their decision.

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We know all organizations are not alike and technology decisions are unique to your organization and your environment. Our research builds on hundreds of ROI case studies examining all sizes of organizations and is designed to help you identify the technology that is right for you.


We help our clients justify a technology selection and build the ROI business case to prove a decision will deliver the greatest return on investment for their organization.


Our ongoing research delivers deep insight into the real world results of technology deployments, highlighting lessons learned and identifying the new opportunities for maximizing return.

TechAdvisor Service

We support decision-makers with direct access to research and analyst support to help you maximize your technology investment. With data driven from actual deployments, we have the data to build a business case and justify the right decision.
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ROI Case Studies

A Nucleus Research ROI case study quantifies the actual value a customer received and tells the story of how they selected, deployed, and adopted a solution. With our case studies, users can understand how they can achieve similar value and are armed with quantifiable research that supports their internal business case.

ROI Database

Building on the raw data from hundreds of published ROI case studies, Nucleus has developed the most expensive database of actual cost and benefit information available today. Our analysts use this knowledge to help our end-user clients quickly build an accurate business case for a solution based on real-world, trustworthy data.

Value Matrix Reports

Our Value Matrix reports evaluate every significant vendor in a technology market, ranking them on usability and functionality, the factors that drive ROI. Trend arrows in the matrix provide a glimpse into the future with our assessment of how a solution will evolve relative to others in the market. Whether making an initial decision or justifying a renewal, the Value Matrix provides a clear evaluation of a specific solution and its current and future value relative to competitors.

ROI Guidebooks

The ROI guidebook is an in-depth roadmap to building a ROI business case and maximizing value from a specific technology solution. The Guidebook draws data from actual deployments, providing average ROI and payback estimates along with a list of typical benefits and costs supported by expected value ranges for both.

ROI Tools

Our ROI tools are concise, focused, and designed to be easy to use. Nucleus has delivered hundreds of ROI tools to support end users in calculating an ROI business case during the vendor selection process. Nucleus is the only firm registered with the National Association of State Boards of Accountancy, allowing you to focus on presenting the business case rather than defending the calculations.

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