Enterprise Content Management Delivers $7.50 for Every Dollar Spent, Up from $6.12 Two Years Ago, Nucleus Research Finds

September 19, 2014

ROI continues to increase with cloud offerings, lower cost, and greater opportunities for benefit


BOSTON – September 19, 2014 – Return On Investment (ROI) for enterprise content management (ECM) is providing increasing value for customers according to a new analysis by Nucleus Research, delivering an average of $7.50 for every dollar spent. That’s up 23% from Nucleus’s analysis in 2012 that found a return of $6.12 per dollar spent. The study analyzes the actual costs and benefits of Nucleus published case studies on individual companies’ ECM deployments.

“ECM has come a long way from the costly, consulting-intensive deployments of the late 1990s. With more sophisticated and demanding buyers and advances in application delivery and breadth of benefit, companies are simply getting more from their ECM investments,” said Rebecca Wettemann, VP at Nucleus Research.

The rise of cloud ECM applications with lower initial and ongoing cost and greater opportunity for benefit over time are a key driver of rising returns. Other factors increasing returns include increased usability, innovations in capture and text analytics, and competitive price pressure.

Once limited to specific projects or departments, ECM is becoming a broadly used application that is accessible to small and large organizations alike.

ECM customers have also taken advantage of content management to extend it beyond internal users to partners, customers, and other external collaborators, driving even greater returns.

The full Report is available at www.NucleusResearch.com

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