Informatica iPaaS Users Experience a 413% ROI With an Average Payback of Fewer Than Four Months According to Nucleus Research ROI Guidebook

April 19, 2023

MIAMI–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Nucleus Research, a global provider of ROI-focused technology research and advisory services, published an ROI guidebook examining the benefits of Informatica iPaaS. Nucleus interviewed multiple Informatica iPaaS customers and found that the solution enabled customers to support disparate systems and applications, ensure data quality, and better manage data flows, delivering an average annual ROI of 413 percent with an average annual benefit of $2,201,369, and a payback period of 4 months.

“In today’s business landscape, organizations depend on reliable and precise data from diverse origins to drive operations, power applications, and facilitate decision-making,” said Senior Analyst Alexander Wurm. “As such, iPaaS solutions have become essential for their ability to manage data flows, ensure data quality, and support ever-changing software ecosystems by uniting disparate systems and applications.”

Key benefits highlighted in the guidebook include:

  • Faster time-to-live for new interactions. With Informatica iPaaS, developer teams were able to build new integrations in a fraction of the time. Organizations realized 64 percent improved productivity for these tasks enabling developer teams to deliver integrations faster with fewer technical personnel, translating into an average annual saving of $535,218. One organization in the insurance industry saved a million dollars annually with a 75 percent faster time-to-live for new integrations.
  • Automated processes and eliminated manual work. Nucleus found that organizations were able to automate workflows to eliminate various manual processes. One organization was able to automate its payment processing workflows which previously required an entire team and redeploy these employees for more productive tasks, saving an equivalent of $440,000 annually.
  • Simplified support at a reduced cost. With this unified platform, support teams were able to do more with less, saving organizations over $600,000 by switching from legacy systems to Informatica iPaaS. One organization was able to reduce support headcount by 30 percent by no longer maintaining old complex code while another organization repurposed 12 developers, generating over a million dollars in annual savings.

To read the full ROI Guidebook, click here.

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