Nucleus Research Top 10 Tech Predictions for 2014: Simplification and Automation Become Key Differentiator in Latest Wave of Technology Darwinism

December 16, 2013

“Smart” mobile device model extends to enterprise applications launching highly competitive “Survival of the Smartest” battle

BOSTON – December 16, 2013 – In its twelfth annual Top 10 Technology Predictions, Nucleus Research sees 2014 as the year of smart applications, with a growing priority on delivering a more simple, intuitive user experience for technology as complexity increases under the hood.

After several years of adding functionality and features to maturing enterprise software, the focus now shifts to usability as many end users are overwhelmed by fat, feature-rich solutions. Similar to pilots in the early 1980s who were faced with a rapid upsurge of new safety technologies, gauges and buttons in the cockpit, end users are looking for guidance to fully benefit from added features. For the aviation industry, the solution was to darken the cockpit and then automate the flight process by illuminating those buttons and gauges pilots needed for each stage of the journey.

“There is tremendous opportunity across multiple markets for a significant shake up this year. Technology vendors that follow the dark cockpit model and guide users through complex software processes will emerge as leaders in 2014,” said Ian Campbell, CEO of Nucleus Research.

Other top predictions for 2014 include:

    1. – Geofencing emerges to take timekeeping out of employees’ hands while analytics runs on the back-end of user tracking services.


    1. – Tablets continue to outgrow their conventional desk and lap-bound counterparts, but only as the workhorse of the mobile workforce.


    1. – CIOs begin to look at closer look at the security of communications given NSA’s unfettered access to personal data.


  1. – Business intelligence solutions move towards a ‘pay by the drink’ model where companies take advantage of as-needed services, trying before they are buying.


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