Apttus ROI case study: Extreme Networks

May 12, 2020 - ROI Case Studies U61

A wireless and wired network infrastructure and network software company deployed Apttus CPQ to streamline the quoting process, improve the accuracy of quotes, and drive customer satisfaction for the company’s complex pricing scenarios. With Apttus, the company reduced the time to generate a quote from three days to 20 minutes while also reducing the time to provide a quote estimate from four hours to 10 minutes. Additionally, the solution helped improve overall employee productivity by 15 percent with automated quote generation and features capable of managing multi-tiered pricing channels. Offshore resources also saw a reduction by 20 percent as the company avoided hires as the processes relating to quoting generation became more accurate after deployment. The company realized a 141 percent ROI and recovered its initial investment in less than ten months after implementation.