Blue Ridge ROI case study: Lohmiller & Company

March 30, 2022 - ROI Case Studies W45

Lohmiller & Company implemented Blue Ridge’s supply chain planning (SCP) solution to streamline and centralize its demand forecasting processes. With Blue Ridge’s dual SCP and price optimization approach, the organization was able to create an optimal procurement, pricing, and service-level strategy. The SCP implementation provided Lohmiller with new insightful data analysis tools and improved its inventory forecasts. Blue Ridge’s offering increased forecasting accuracy, boosted productivity, and increased visibility across the entire organization. As a result, Lohman reduced inventory levels by 25 percent, cut procurement times in half, and achieved $2.8 million in cost savings. Nucleus also found Blue Ridge’s demand forecasting, collaboration, and workflow automation capabilities empowered Lohmiller to boost their service levels by 26 percent and increase customer satisfaction.