Contrast Security Value Drivers

August 1, 2018 - Research S121

As Cyber Security concerns increase, the sales cycle for cyber security solutions is focused on the concerns of a potential attack, and the technology used to prevent it. That said, while the technical jargon and fear-based motivation may speak to the Chief Information Security Office (CISO) it does not seem to worry the rest of the C-suite. A Chief Financial Officer (CFO) does not make decisions because of fear nor technical jargon. These decisions are made on a rational, financial basis. In order to appeal to the financial side of the C-suite – the final arbiter of the buying process- cyber security vendors need to focus on a message of value and return. To see how one vendor is using a value message and providing measurable returns, Nucleus spoke to Contrast Security customers. Nucleus found that end users experienced an increase in developer productivity, faster development lifecycles and reduce the need to hire security engineers.