CPM Technology Value Matrix 2022

February 1, 2022 - Value Matrix W11

We are not “back to normal.” Organizations still contend with complex regulatory requirements, fluctuating demand, labor shortages, and supply disruptions. As such, demand for corporate performance management (CPM) solutions remains high. Over the past few years, businesses have deployed CPM solutions to connect and leverage the data of disparate departments to generate accurate financial forecasts and budgets. Going beyond financial planning and analysis (FP&A), we are now seeing businesses leverage their CPM solutions to address the planning activities of their HR, marketing, sales, and operations departments. CPM vendors differentiate their products by providing the tools to work with metrics and units other than dollars. Customers extract additional value from their software investments by consolidating workforce, sales, supply, and demand planning under a single platform. Robust consolidation functionality underpins FP&A and financial reporting. Therefore, customers continue to factor in their future M&A strategy, growth outlook, and accounting requirements when selecting a CPM solution.