CSC Technology Value Matrix 2024

July 9, 2024 - Value Matrix Y97

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Content services and collaboration (CSC) solutions remain an essential part of an organization’s technology infrastructure. Serving as a central hub for content management, process automation, and internal and external collaboration, these tools help add efficiency to cross-departmental processes while maintaining high levels of data security. The introduction of generative AI in a sparse market has given some providers a competitive advantage, as many rush to differentiate through their investments in the technology either through partnership, acquisition, or native development. The successful application and adoption of generative AI capabilities for CSC users relies on vendors’ ability to demonstrate value in use, stay on top of security, and ease cloud migration for customers still operating in on-premises environments.

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Nucleus Research names Box, Epicor ECM (DocStar), Laserfiche, M-Files, and Zoho as leading providers of content services and collaboration (CSC) technology.