Database Technology Value Matrix 2023

July 18, 2023 - Value Matrix X140

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The database technology landscape is evolving in 2023. Driven by tightened budgets and an increased demand for versatile, efficient solutions, multimodel databases are on the rise. Multimodel databases are particularly popular among SMBs and startups because they consolidate multiple data models into a single platform, simplifying data management with increased scalability. Simultaneously, cloud database vendors continue to stand as a unique segment, providing extensive data ecosystems with cost and integration benefits. In contrast, best-of-breed point solutions continue to offer highly targeted capabilities for specific use cases, underlining the market’s diversity. As organizations navigate this complex landscape, they must consider their current needs and future scalability, paying particular attention to their own increasing investments in data-intensive machine learning initiatives.

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Nucleus Research names AWS, Microsoft, MongoDB, Oracle, and Redis as leading providers of database technology.