Databricks ROI case study: Texas Rangers

March 26, 2024 - ROI Case Studies Y33

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The Texas Rangers achieved a 375 percent ROI by deploying the Databricks Data Intelligence Platform to drive efficient data storage and processing and better enable the organization’s internal data teams. The franchise noted specific benefits, including 4x improved cost-effectiveness relative to its prior cloud-based data warehouse, 10x improved cost-effectiveness for data ingestion use cases, and a 61 percent productivity improvement across the sports franchise’s data teams. This efficiency has fostered improved collaboration among analysts, players, and coaches, driving 2x more data available at lower latency. This has promoted faster iteration on ad-hoc analysis and propelled the Rangers to the forefront of Major League Baseball.

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The Texas Rangers achieved a 375 percent ROI by implementing Databricks with a payback period of six months. Read the full Databricks ROI case study.