Domopalooza 2019 update

March 28, 2019 - Research T41

At Domopalooza 2019, Domo outlined its core areas of focus for 2019: enterprise performance and scalability; machine learning, artificial intelligence, and data science capabilities; and building its ecosystem and expanding overall footprint. It announced many major product updates such as “Did You Know?”, a tool for automated insight discovery, the Domo Predictive Suite with tools for data science on the platform, Domo IoT Cloud with tools for handling sensor data, and the Business Automation Engine, a solution to leverage data to create triggers and automate processes. As a young company in a post-IPO world, it still looks to achieve consistent profitability and grow its customer base. As long as sales growth doesn’t come at the expense of continued investment in research and development, Domo has potential to be a significant player among enterprise analytics deployments.