GoodData ROI case study: EmeraldCube Solutions

May 14, 2018 - ROI Case Studies S65

2018 ROI AWARD WINNER! EmeraldCube deployed GoodData to provide business intelligence (BI) services to its customers through a white-labeled solution, EmeraldVision. The company chose GoodData over a self-built solution, saving an expensive investment in capital and personnel, as well as two years’ worth of work. Within three months, EmeraldCube was able to offer its customers a cost-effective BI solution that readily delivers visibility into business operations and automates manual processes. As a result, EmeraldCube has increased its revenue, improved customer satisfaction, and avoided infrastructure costs and hiring additional staff necessary to support a self-built system.
ROI: 1273%
Payback: less than 1 month
Average annual benefit: $433,188