Grammarly ROI case study: Databricks

October 31, 2023 - ROI Case Studies X191

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Databricks, a technology vendor, was scaling all aspects of its business. As such, reviewing thousands of external communications was becoming overwhelming for its small editorial staff. When an email was flagged as containing grammatical errors just before it was sent to thousands of customers, the need for technology to streamline communications was brought into stark relief. Databricks deployed Grammarly Business across its marketing, sales, support, IT, finance, and engineering departments. All groups saw productivity and writing quality improvements from automated writing suggestions and accelerated review processes. Other benefits include revised training services, accelerated employee onboarding, and the upskilling of employees.

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Databricks achieved a 1994 percent ROI by implementing Grammarly with a payback period of 1.2 months. Read the full Grammarly ROI case study.