HiBob ROI case study: US CRM Vendor

May 22, 2023 - ROI Case Studies X106

A US-based Customer Relationship Management software provider achieved a 226 percent ROI upon its implementation of HiBob and recovered its initial investment in the technology six months after deployment. With its small HR team previously operating on a large, complex HCM system, the organization required an HCM solution with strong ease of use that would still enable it to take advantage of capabilities such as automation and improve operational visibility and communication. Nucleus found that upon the implementation of HiBob, the organization was able to reduce its year-over-year software and support costs by more than 15 percent, avoid SOC 2 non-compliance risk, and achieve productivity increases across its HR and finance departments. The use of the system also facilitated a renewed sense of company culture across its global, remote-first workforce.

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A US-based CRM provider achieved a 226 percent ROI by implementing HiBob with payback period of 6 months. Read the full HiBob ROI case study.