Kinaxis customer achieves 5x SIOP efficiency

September 15, 2021 - Research V148

Kinaxis is a supply chain planning and control tower solutions specialist for companies of all sizes. Nucleus interviewed Kinaxis customers and found significant efficiency improvements in supply chain management tasks. Customers reported up to 90 percent time savings across supply planning processes, $100 million reductions in inventory costs, and up to 500 percent increase in sales, inventory, and operations planning (SIOP) reporting efficiency. As every organization has a unique SIOP strategy, Kinaxis is well-positioned with its concurrent planning approach, personalized interface, and comprehensive scenario analysis tools. With Kinaxis’ platform, organizations can build their supply chain solutions within the ecosystem to reduce reliance on third-party applications. While most control tower vendors offer the option to integrate third-party applications, Kinaxis can help eliminate the need for point solutions entirely.