LCAP Technology Value Matrix 2021

October 5, 2021 - Value Matrix V154

The employee shortage and rise of digital transformation initiatives are driving the adoption of low-code application development platforms (LCAPs). With tools to simplify and accelerate the DevOps cycle, businesses can build their own solutions to fit specific needs and avoid expensive third-party applications. LCAPs bridge the gap between business users and IT, resulting in solutions that best address pain points, are developed faster, and are cheaper than outsourcing a software development firm. Generalist vendors are prioritizing the development and acquisition of low/no-code tools to enhance the extensibility and configurability of their solutions to benefit existing customers. Some even enable the production of standalone applications. Servicing large corporations are LCAPs that accelerate the build-out of solutions for virtually any use case. While pure no-code LCAPs help SMBs digitize simple processes and develop quick apps that drive productivity. In this report, Nucleus showcases 17 leading vendors, describes the role they occupy in the market, and highlights key updates from the past year to inform potential buyers’ decisions.