Moveworks ROI case study: City of Glendale, AZ

May 29, 2024 - ROI Case Studies Y61

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The City of Glendale, Arizona, achieved a 514 percent ROI upon implementing Moveworks and recovered its initial investment in the technology less than four months after deployment. The city was previously managing its IT helpdesk tickets through traditional channels such as phone, e-mail, and online portal, which were unable to scale with ongoing developments. Nucleus found that upon the implementation of Moveworks and introduction of generative AI-driven IT chatbot, Blaze, the City of Glendale was able to avoid current and future service desk costs, reduce travel costs, and free up agent time to manage higher-tier issues. Blaze was able to take over the work of one service agent FTE, resulting in annual savings of $121,500. Additionally, the solution saved city employees more than 3,500 collective hours per year, translating to associated cost savings of more than $85,000.

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The City of Glendale, AZ achieved a 514 percent ROI by implementing Moveworks with a payback period of 3.6 months. Read the full Moveworks ROI case study.