Nucleus Top Ten Predictions for 2021

October 21, 2020 - Research U169

Nucleus’s top 10 predictions for 2021 look at rising and falling trends and expand on one of our topics from last year. The big bet for next year? Planning. And good luck with that. FP&A, HCM, and Supply Chain Management vendors are investing vast sums of R&D into planning capabilities, all to help manage an uncertain market. So you better have a strong plan A, followed by a strong plan B, C, and D. CRM will complete its metamorphosis into full CX, while organizations should be taking a serious look at managed services for their HR needs. iPaaS solutions and low-code development platforms will see organizations begin to realize that less skilled workers can achieve the same business and application development success as developers. Finally, the office goes virtual, which means the death of the traditional tech hubs.