PandoLogic ROI Case Study: I.K. Hofmann

May 4, 2023 - ROI Case Studies X96

PandoLogic ROI case study: I.K. Hofmann USA achieved a 102 percent ROI by implementing PandoLogic, and recovered its initial investment two years after the deployment. Previously relying on costly, disjointed recruitment processes and systems, the organization decided that it needed a single-source job advertising solution that would increase applicant rates and integrate its ATS and various job boards. Nucleus found that upon implementation of PandoLogic, I.K. Hofmann was able to increase its applicant rate by 966 percent and avoid $238,000 in annual subscription and CPA costs associated with its previous provider. The firm is now able to scale more efficiently to the needs of its clients while reducing the manual workload of its recruiting and marketing employees.

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