PivotCX by Daxtra ROI case study: Field of Talent

June 14, 2024 - ROI Case Studies Y80

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RPO provider Field of Talent achieved a 916 percent ROI upon its implementation of PivotCX by Daxtra. The company also recovered its initial investment in the software 1.2 months after deployment. Candidate texting capabilities within its existing applicant tracking system did not have the functionality required to meet recruiter needs, leading the organization to implement PivotCX by Daxtra for the engagement of candidates both internally and for clients. Nucleus found that efficiencies driven by candidate texting through PivotCX by Daxtra led active applicants to be engaged three times faster and enabled the organization to redeploy the work of 1.5 FTEs to higher-value tasks, leading to annual savings of more than $120,000 annually.

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Field of Talent achieved a 916 percent ROI by implementing PivotCX with a payback period of less than months. Read the full PivotCX ROI case study.