QAD ROI case study: Noble Biomaterials

July 23, 2021 - ROI Case Studies V118


Noble Biomaterials built a personalized sales forecasting solution using QAD’s low/no-code application development tools. The forecasting solution sits within the QAD Enterprise Platform, using the same data lake and user interface as Noble’s QAD Adaptive ERP system. This streamlined and automated the data flow between the new forecasting application and the ERP system, eliminating integration issues associated with Noble’s legacy solution. By consolidating its multiple solutions under a single platform, Noble retired its legacy software costs, improved its sales forecasting team’s productivity by 35 percent, and improved its organizational visibility with more accurate and timely forecasts. Additionally, Nucleus found that QAD’s low/no-code tools led to a rapid development cycle and high levels of customization, enabling Noble Biomaterials to extend the functionality of its QAD Adaptive ERP at relatively low costs.