SAP expands cloud partnership with IBM

June 18, 2021 - Research V101

SAP continues its shift from legacy ERP to digital business through its recent partnership with the hybrid cloud provider, IBM. This announcement serves dual purposes by moving SAP away from Microsoft, a major competitor in the ERP space (Dynamics 365), and by expanding the hybrid cloud compatibility of S/4HANA across different silicon processors and operating systems. This partnership with IBM also eases pain in SAP customer’s transition to cloud ERP stemming from IBM’s history working on thousands of SAP projects with their team of 38,000 SAP practitioners. In addition, integrating IBM’s hybrid cloud platform with SAP’s ERP software S/4HANA provides SAP’s customers with an affordable and likely more streamlined path toward cloud migration, with access to IBM’s significant data management, analysis, AI/ML technologies, and industry-specific cloud-based services.