Zendesk ROI case study: Lush

April 26, 2023 - ROI Case Studies X90

Zendesk ROI case study: Lush realized a 369 percent ROI upon its implementation of Zendesk, recovering its initial investment in the software in less than one year. The cosmetics provider previously used a combination of social channels, phone, and email to engage with customers, which prevented metric tracking and limited the organization’s ability to identify pressing customer issues. This led the organization to search for a solution to modernize its external customer communication channels and to monitor and analyze customer inquiries. Upon the deployment of Zendesk, Lush was able to improve service agent productivity by 17 percent, and manager productivity by 30 percent. These productivity improvements have translated to over £350,000 ($434,000) in annual cost savings from avoided headcount.

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Lush achieved a 369 percent ROI by implementing Zendesk with a payback period less than one year. Read the full Zendesk ROI case study.