Zoho Analytics ROI case study: Sparex

March 14, 2024 - ROI Case Studies Y28

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Sparex achieved a 1160 percent ROI with payback in 1.2 months after adopting Zoho Analytics to bolster its data management and reporting capabilities, resulting in substantial operational improvements and cost savings. The organization noted specific benefits, including a nine percent productivity improvement across its 190 internal users, 43 hours in weekly time savings from accelerated reporting and report development, and direct cost savings by providing analytic teams the tools they need to drive operational decision-making with fewer headcount. Zoho Analytics has emerged as the single source of truth, playing a pivotal role in transforming reporting efficiency and data accessibility.

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Sparex achieved a 1160 percent ROI by implementing Zoho Analytics with a payback period of 1.2 months. Read the full Zoho ROI case study.