Zoho One ROI case study: manufacturing consulting provider

February 26, 2024 - ROI Case Studies Y22

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This manufacturing consulting provider realized a 216 percent return on its investment with Zoho One, recovering its investment six months after deployment. Nucleus found that the introduction of Zoho One led to significant productivity improvements across sales and customer service. With Zoho, the organization’s sales team achieved a 150 percent increase in quoting efficiency and a 50 percent increase in customer outreach. On the service team, Zoho facilitated a 24 percent decrease in average case resolution time, and a 90 percent efficiency increase in physical service requests. Zoho also streamlined the organization’s operations, translating into a more efficient, customer-centric approach that aligns with modern business demands.

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A manufacturing consulting provider achieved a 216 percent ROI by implementing Zoho One with a payback period of six months.