Apple iOS 14 – Tell me there’s more.

by Ian Campbell June 25, 2020

If you’ve followed our blog over the years you know we’re not big fans of Apple.  From an ROI standpoint, the Mac is just too expensive when compared to Windows-based alternatives to make it a legitimate business computer.  The iPhone was a fantastic device when it first came out — I had one of the early production models (an advantage of being an analyst at the time) along with a string of them over the years — but unfortunately each new model seemed to deliver a smaller increase in value and I found myself delaying upgrades just to avoid the hassle. (I’ll pass on ranting about the absurdity that is iTunes.)  

I was hoping the iPhone 11 would offer enough incentive to upgrade, but that was a disappointing announcement.  I had delayed for so long that at the beginning of the year I faced a dilemma I couldn’t avoid. My aging iPhone had the stamina of a retiree, needing regular naps to frequently recharge and it had a picture quality like it had cataracts. With no alternative, I did the logical thing and swapped to a Samsung S20+ running Android.  All the apps were there, the camera was fantastic, and it easily connected to my PC to allow me to transfer and backup files.  

Now I won’t say I wasn’t a bit apprehensive about the switch.  I’ve used an iPhone since 2008, so I wondered “What if Apple hit it out of the park with the next version?” Then I’d miss out on any new technology brilliance.

I needn’t have worried.

Apple’s recent preview of iOS 14 was yet another disappointing announcement from Cupertino.  Let me summarize… a “fresh new look” and widgets (really, widgets?).  Please Apple, tell me there’s more than that because right now iOS 14 looks like nothing more than Android for Dummies.

Apple did well for many years as a fashion-forward technology brand, but the fashion is fading and the technology part had glimpses of brilliance that hasn’t been repeated (3D touch anyone?).  Sort of like the high school football star reliving his best game 12 years later. Yes, I remember that game… what have you done lately?

Sure, people will still buy iPhones and their market share is impressive, but I’ve met a lot of folks switching from their iPhone to Android and few (well… none actually) switching from an Android to an iPhone.  

Apple, it’s time to impress us.