Ian is a recognized expert on the return on investment (ROI) and total cost of ownership (TCO) analysis of technology and has written and presented extensively on a range of organizational topics and the importance of matching technology to business organizational objectives.

The Rise of Human Capital Management

October 16, 2018

[IanInsights] – Unemployment is at its lowest point since 1969. Competition for top talent is intense now. In fact, filling positions is so tough for some companies, they’ve dropped requirements for college degrees. It’s no longer an employer’s market. Talent is now driving. (read more)

Breaking Down Enterprise Software’s Biggest Obstacle: Aligning Tech to Business (Not Business to Tech)

September 11, 2018

[IanInsights] – Since the dawn of the modern computing era, businesses have reacted to the latest and greatest technology advancements in hopes of gaining competitive advantage. We’ve seen numerous companies break out or fail spectacularly based on tech decisions. Retailers early to adopt e-commerce are mostly still around, for example while manufacturers that fumbled the supply…

Newsflash: Blockchain Won’t Make You Sexier or Extend Your Lifespan

July 12, 2018

[IanInsights] – So why all the overhype on this latest ‘break-through’ technology?  Imagine a technology so red hot that the mere mention of it during an earnings’ call drives the stock up sharply. VCs all but throwing unprecedented sums of money at unproven start-ups focused on it. Blue Chip corporations betting their very future and even…

How to Cut Through Industry Analysts Opinions & Make Better Decisions: ROI

June 20, 2018

[IanInsights] – The Numbers Don’t Lie. I left IDC 17 years ago completely frustrated with the softening of industry research away from hard numbers to opinion. Worse yet, I saw major analyst firms moving toward pay-for-play models where a big investment influenced results. Vendors that increase their budget significantly magically appeared in the Leader Quadrant, while…

How Tech ROI is Showing Bigger Trends

June 13, 2018

[IanInsights] – For the past few years we’ve seen overall ROI numbers starting to decline while average annual benefits continue to increase. That might seem contradictory at first, since strong ROI often corresponds to the actual monetary benefit realized. But what we are seeing reflected in recent ROI numbers are bigger industry trends at play. In…

The Tech Bubble Everyone is Ignoring – It’s a Customer-Centric Nightmare

April 25, 2018

[IanInsights] – Tech bubble makes most people think stock market crashes. The bursting of the dot-com craze or more recently, the sharp rise and decline of bitcoin. In fact, the waning enthusiasm for Apple products, lackluster sales for wearables and stalled IoT promises have some economists predicting another tech bubble correction in the near future… (read…

Trim the ‘Tech Averse’ or Die

March 26, 2018

[IanInsights] – Like it or not, Millennials are entering the workforce en masse. Despite all the complaints and gripes about our first truly digital generation, they are already transforming the way we do business. Case in point – BYOD. They refused company-issued equipment and delivered unanticipated productivity using their own devices. That was eight years…

The Amazon-Walmart Battle Royale is All About Supply Chain (and Inventory Optimization)

March 1, 2018

[IanInsights] – How did the supply chain become so sexy? Once the domain of just a few logistics specialists, it seems to have caught the public’s attention lately. That’s what a random stranger who caught the chairlift with me this weekend wanted to discuss. Not the fresh powder, perfect temperature and peak skiing conditions. He…

The Amazon HQ2 Race: The Overlooked Might Just Take the Prize

January 31, 2018

[IanInsights] – Hats off to Amazon’s marketing strategy around the HQ2 decision. Big headlines for months from across the country as the competition heated up. 238 municipalities in total applied from nearly every U.S. states as well as from cities in Canada and Mexico. It kicked off a continental discussion of how technology could rejuvenate…

IBM is NOT Back. One Quarter of Revenue Growth Does Not a Trend Make

January 24, 2018

[IanInsights] – Last November I called on IBM to fire its CEO and Chair, Ginni Rometty to save what was left of Big Blue. I cited the lack of performance and particularly IBM’s 22 consecutive quarters of revenue decline as a main argument for changing leadership in Armonk. To my surprise, a majority of readers agreed,…