How do you create an ROI marketing message?

by Ian Campbell October 17, 2023
ROI marketing message

If we look at the typical objectives of a marketing team they are to generate awareness (and associated lead generation), position against competitors, and educate the market on the product. These are the broad categories, and associated KPIs that keep a CMO awake at night. But you may be missing a critical message that could make all the difference.

So what is an ROI-focused marketing message?

If we add ROI to the marketing mix, we can accomplish a lot. The more the customer comes into the top of the sales funnel with an idea of the value they’ll receive from a solution, the more eager that prospect will be to drive themselves thought the funnel. Imagine that new prospect tumbling through the funnel on their own. Wouldn’t that be a lot easier for sales.

I don’t need to “Challenge” them during the sale?

No (and I really hate that book). The more you include “value” in your message the more likely you are to win deals. As you build marketing programs, be sure you’re telling the customer how your solution will help them in some quantifiable way. No need to go to the depth of an ROI study in the numbers, but reiterating value themes such as increasing sales effectiveness, reducing technology costs, or streamlining employee scheduling will help the prospect internalize the benefits they’ll receive. That makes it a lot easier for that prospect to take the first step and reach out as a warm lead. Imagine a marketing message that says nothing more that we’ll cut your employee health care cost in half. What percentage of CFOs that see that message will call for a sales pitch? Likely all of them.

As you think about your marketing messages at the top and throughout the sale funnel, look for value statements that make it easier for the prospect to step to the next stage. If you put value first, making the benefit to the prospect so obvious it’s impossible to ignore, you’ll drive more prospects into the funnel and turn more prospects into customers.