IBM is NOT Back. One Quarter of Revenue Growth Does Not a Trend Make

by Ian Campbell January 24, 2018
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[IanInsights] – Last November I called on IBM to fire its CEO and Chair, Ginni Rometty to save what was left of Big Blue. I cited the lack of performance and particularly IBM’s 22 consecutive quarters of revenue decline as a main argument for changing leadership in Armonk. To my surprise, a majority of readers agreed, including many current and former IBM employees. A small group of Rometty supporters, however, were quite vocal in their opposition to my arguments.

In fact, I’ve heard from a few of them since last Thursday when IBM announced a quarter of revenue growth during its earnings announcement. “HA! What do you have to say now?” wrote one status quo champion.

I will admit that the news did surprise me, and I do indeed have something to say… (read more)