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From Value Matrices that assess vendors based on functionality and usability to individual ROI case studies, Guidebooks or even ROI tools, Nucleus provides a broad range of products and services to provide deep insight for our clients and facilitate better technology decisions.


Whether you are a technology developer, user or Wall Street observer, we’ve got a level of subcription right for you and your business.




for three days


See research that can help you right now? Get immediate access.

3 Days of Full Access

Unlimited Downloads

Full Suite of ROI Tools





per year


Benefit from our on-going, real-time research to keep ahead of the industry.

1 Year of Full Access

Unlimited Downloads

Full Suite of ROI Tools

Analyst Access

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per year


Quick, bottom-line analysis of tech to help you make better investment decisions.

1 Year of Full Access

Unlimited Downloads

Full Suite of ROI Tools

Early Value Matrix Access




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In-depth analysis of you, your industry and the competition. We help understand priorities and make better decisions for your company.

All Features Plus

Unlimited Analyst Access

Unlimitted Analyst Access

Unlimitted Analyst Access


You’ll get immediate access now, and for the next 3 days will be able to download current published research including past reports, ROI tools, ROI case studies, and guidebooks.


Call us at +1-617-720-2000 for more details.


Designed for individuals that need access now to a specific research report or group of reports to investigate the market, understand new technology, or build a justifiable business case for a decision.


Designed for users who want ongoing, timely intelligence into the technology market, technology trends, and best practices for success. They are either line-of-business or technology professionals looking for pragmatic, ROI-focused research.


You’ll get full download access to current published research and the entire research base including ROI tools, ROI case studies, reports, and benchmark studies.

In addition to access to the research library, you’ll receive inquiry access to our analyst team to help you investigate technology trends, move confidently from shortlist to decision, build a business case, and benchmark your ongoing projects.

Call us at +1-617-720-2000 for more details.


You’ll get immediate access for the next year to be able to download current published research including past reports, ROI tools, ROI case studies, and guidebooks. Most importantly, you’ll get early access to Value Matrix and Research reports, putting you ahead of tomorrow’s market decisions.


Call us at +1-617-720-2000 for more details.


Designed for Wall Street investors who need early access to Research and Value Matrix data to make informed decisions on the market.


Designed for sales, marketing, or analyst relations professionals that want ROI-focused insight into the technology market. They likely have existing services and want to balance the qualitative technology-centric view from those firms with an ROI-focused quantitative view from the Nucleus analyst team.


Our core annual support service provides unlimited inquiry access to our analyst team for each named individual along with access to ongoing research, value matrix reports, ROI tools, ROI case studies, unpublished research, and access to the entire research base.


Call us at +1-617-720-2000 for more details.


As well as the above online subscriptions to our research and ROI tools, we also offer a selection of custom designed research services. These services help our clients really understand their ROI investments or impact, helping drive sales and marketing to the next level.

ROI Case Studies

A Nucleus Research case study quantifies the actual value a customer received and tells the story of how they selected, deployed, and adopted a solution. Nucleus is the leader in ROI cases studies with more case studies published than any other firm. Sales reps consistently point to ROI case studies as the most effective sales tool. Using a case study, potential customers can understand how they can achieve value and are armed with quantifiable research that supports their internal business case.


Nucleus is a full service technology research firm that supports our vendor customers to quantify and deliver a value message. Our Value Matrix reports, guidebooks and research present the value of a solution and quantify the range of benefits a customer can expect. Our research is investigative, and builds on vignettes and quotes from customers to quantify how organizations have achieved value.

ROI and TCO Tools

Our ROI tools are concise, focused, and designed to be easy to use by sales reps and support teams. Nucleus has delivered hundreds of ROI tools to support vendors in calculating an ROI business case during the sales process. No firm has worked with more sales reps than we have. We know our tools are there to close the deal with the most credible business case, not create a complex process. When it comes to credibility, we are the only firm registered with the National Association of State Boards of Accountancy, allowing your sales team to focus on presenting your solution, not defending the calculations.

Sales Training

We’ve trained thousands of sales reps to understand the metrics, present the direct and indirect benefits, and deliver a credible ROI case that is defensible through to the financial decision maker. Feedback from the sessions often call it the most important sales training the rep has taken. Call us and we’ll show you how we can help make your team successful.

Tool Certification

If you have your own ROI tool our certification process can ensure the calculations are correct and your prospect knows it has been independently verified.