Anatomy of a decision: SugarCRM vs Salesforce

March 14, 2023 - Research X57

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Over the last 18 months, Nucleus assessed the experiences of SugarCRM customers to identify the factors that ultimately influenced the decision to implement SugarCRM over other players in the space. This included 37 users that opted for Sugar in lieu of Salesforce. These users reported that Sugar’s ease of use, strong vendor support, ability to supplement core functionality, and the desire to operate within a single ecosystem were the primary components driving the selection. As compared to Salesforce, Sugar customers also reported faster implementations and up to 32 percent lower TCO for comparable scopes of deployment. These benefits translate to faster time to value and ultimately, an improved ROI.

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Anatomy of a decision SugarCRM vs Salesforce: Customers chose SugarCRM over Salesforce for its strong vendor support and ease of use.