Guidebook – A business-driven IT roadmap with Rimini Street

August 9, 2019 - Research T117

Enterprise IT leaders must manage both the complexity of their enterprise application footprint and demands for innovation and digital transformation. At the same time, they must attract and retain skilled staff while the majority of their budget is devoted to keeping the lights on. On top of these challenges, they face the uncertainty of the future of their enterprise applications as vendors reduce support and upgrade investment while pushing them to migrate to their cloud-driven roadmap. Nucleus analyzed the experiences of companies that had taken a different path, moving to a business-driven roadmap supported by Rimini Street third-party support. We found that this approach enabled them to reduce substantially their overall application support costs, increase staff productivity and retention, and regain a sense of control of their IT and application strategy. Reduced dependence on a vendor-driven roadmap improved their agility and capacity to deliver innovation while reducing vendor dependence and reducing risk.