ROI Guidebook: Informatica iPaaS

April 18, 2023 - Research X84

Organizations are increasingly dependent on accurate and highly-available data from various applications and environments to enable data consumers and inform decision-making. The size and complexity of corporate software environments have continued to scale in parallel with a constant stream of applications that need to be integrated to deliver optimal value. Integration platforms as a service (iPaaS) have become crucial for organizations requiring this agility, providing a centralized hub to develop, monitor, and manage integrations. Informatica iPaaS, a service of Informatica Intelligent Data Management Cloud (IDMC), does this and more. By combining capabilities for API management, data integration, data quality, data governance, master data management, and data sharing under a single platform, the vendor delivers a one-stop-shop supporting end-to-end data management, allowing users to retire various point solutions and streamline administrative efforts.

Nucleus conducted an in-depth return on investment (ROI) assessment of several customers using the service and found an average ROI of 413 percent over a three-year period, with an average annual benefit of $2,201,369 and a payback period of four months.