Salesforce ROI Case Study – MIMIT Health

November 6, 2020 - ROI Case Studies U161


An independent multi-specialty physician and minimally invasive treatment group deployed Salesforce Health Cloud, a patient management platform, and Tableau CRM (formerly known as Einstein Analytics) a native-to-Salesforce analytics solution built for Health Cloud. With Salesforce, the company realized a wide range of benefits from increased growth and scalability, improved employee productivity, reduced inventory costs, accelerated patient engagement processes, and increased cash flow. The analytics from Tableau CRM and the patient management capabilities with Health Cloud helped save the company over $500,000. Additionally, the Salesforce platform offered MIMIT Health a holistic view of patient information and a single source of truth for data that increased overall efficiencies and improved customer engagement. In the end, the company realized a 459 percent ROI and will recover its initial investment in less than three months after implementation.