Shiny Object Syndrome Awareness Week — aka CES!

by Ian Campbell January 8, 2018
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[IanInsights] – It’s Shiny Object week, otherwise known as the Consumer Electronics Show or CES. That splashy Las Vegas display of all the exciting consumer tech toys that are poised to grab our attention and shake up the industry.

For the rest of this week, gadgets, gizmos and tech concepts will dominate headlines. Just after we’ve all finished our New Year’s resolutions, we now get over-sized predictions of how computing, entertainment and our very way of life is about to radically change. A week of game-changer rollouts.

But just like most New Year’s resolutions, nearly all announcements coming out of CES are 90% wishful thinking. Big ideas and themes to frame the discussion with little meat on the bones. Last year, for example, was supposed to be the year of self-driving cars, smart home devices everywhere and a tipping point for wearables. Except that it wasn’t! (read more)