Three Reasons Why IBM Needs to Fire Ginni Rometty

By Ian Campbell
CEO of Nucleus Research

[IanInsights] – Nucleus Research called for Microsoft to oust CEO Steve Ballmer in 2010 as part of our predictions for the coming year. In fairness, we knew the board would take more time before ultimately removing him. It’s too bad they waited three years to realize the need for a new direction. You have to wonder if Microsoft might have had a chance in the mobile device market had Ballmer left sooner. Succeeding CEO Satya Nadella has turned the Redmond giant around fairly quickly and made Microsoft highly relevant again. Dare I say that Microsoft is starting to lead? At least in some areas.

Sadly, another iconic tech pioneer is hanging onto a struggling leader rather than making a clean cut to quickly correct the ship. This time it’s IBM and CEO Ginni Rometty. It’s time for her to go before she takes the whole ship down with her. (read more)