Zoho continues to rise

by Ian Campbell May 8, 2023
Zoho has gained a reputation for high value and reliability by focusing on quietly, and steadily providing value to customers.

I remain very impressed with Zoho. Last week at the Zoholics event in Austin, the private company announced a three-year, 65% CAGR in mid-market and enterprise segments with those segments representing 1/3 of its business. A business, by the way, that serves more than 90 million users across more than 600,000 customers.

Zoho may do minimal outbound advertising, but by focusing on quietly, and steadily providing value to customers, they have gained a reputation for high value and reliability. From a beginning based on a price-friendly CRM they now offer a complete portfolio of integrated capabilities. The company continues to expand their offerings and expand the capabilities of those offerings. Its growth in the mid-market has not been at the expense of the lower end and the company made additional announcements to support small and even solo organizations with tools for those users. Nucleus places Zoho in the leader quadrant in our CRM Value Matrix and considers Zoho a strong option for any organization below only the very largest.

Want to be impressed?

Take a look at Ulaa to get an idea of what the clever folks at Zoho are accomplishing. On May 4th they announced a new browser built specifically to help users protect their privacy with pre-built capabilities to block tracking and website surveillance. Apparently, it’s a lot easier to protect privacy when you’re not trying to protect ad revenue (hear that Google). Thank you, Zoho.

At the Zoholics event last week, they made a number of other announcements including the inevitable ChatGPT integration. More interesting was their AI roadmap and how they weave AI into their application suite. It’s clear they understand AI and it’s not just a tagline.

We identified Zoho as a long-term winner years ago and we continue to see them as a strong contender in the market. We predict more good things from Zoho.