Remote working year 2 — The next wave of apps

by Ian Campbell August 9, 2021

The initial COVID pandemic sent most workers home (and Nucleus to sunny Miami) and gave a boost to a few critical solutions areas. ERP, Workforce Management, and conferencing solutions all rode an early technology wave with gains in those early months that have yet to taper.

Now that we’re settling into long-term remote work, what’s the next wave of applications to benefit?

Chat and video conferencing are nice but these unstructured solutions are giving way to team collaboration and management apps that are project-focused. Solutions such as and take an outcome approach to team interaction and provide relief to managers looking to put structure and focus on a distributed team’s efforts.

Hiring has become more critical with many companies that automate the process of finding and selecting candidates, such as Hirevue, well-positioned to benefit. We’re also seeing a strong uptick in candidate background screening solutions (HireRight, Checkr, etc.) that check past employers and identify the fiction in resumes. Today, burning a bridge at an old employer can have a long-term impact on an individual’s career.

Marketing automation has always been strong but with the rise in distributed marketing teams, putting templates and automated workflows in place ensures a level of consistency that was previously accomplished with a team meeting or by walking to another employee’s office. Hubspot is an obvious winner in this space but there are a number of good solutions for every level of organization and our Marketing Automation Value Matrix has a good review of the market.